The first day of the 6th International Conference “Space Technologies: Present and Future” ended successfully in accordance with the plan.

Acting General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO Mikhail Bondar opened the meeting. He welcomed the participants and expressed his hope that the Conference would be productive and the extended cooperation in peaceful space would contribute to further development of space science as well as aerospace industry in general.

The participants of the Conference received greetings from the former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and the President of NASU Borys Paton as well as the administration of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the National Agency for Space Research of Belarus. General Designer of Yuzhnoye SDO Alexander Degtyarev, who could not attend the event, also sent his letter of congratulations.

Before the lectures took place, the audience watched “The Mission of General Designer”, a movie dedicated to the 80th birthday of Stanislav Konyukhov.

Eleven papers were presented to the participants of the Conference and interested experts at the plenary meeting. The papers elaborated the following topics: development of space systems, anthropogenic debris removal from circumterrestrial space, new technologies and materials, rocket propulsion systems, and other urgent issues.

The following sessions were working today:

Session 1. Current and Future Space Launch Systems, Launch Vehicles, Their Components and Systems. (68 papers were presented).

Session 2. Current and Future Space Satellite Systems. (42 papers)

Session 3. Future Rocket Engines and Propulsion Systems. ( 36 papers)

Session 4. Materials and Technologies. ( 73 papers)

Session 5. Space for Humankind. ( 19 papers)

Session 6. Ground complexes, launching equipment and their operation. ( 46 papers)