The first day of the Conference

The VII International Conference “Space Technologies: Present and Future” was opened with the plenary session with participation of more than 500 scientists, developers and manufacturers of space rocketry and space systems from Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, and South Korea.

The following persons were elected into the presidium of the plenary session: Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine (1994-2005), Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics; Christopher Bonnel (France), CNES expert; Anatoly Bulat, Academician-Secretary of Mechanics Division of NAS of Ukraine, Chairman of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center, Academician of NAS of Ukraine;  Lucas Garbera (Germany), Business and Development Director of Airbus Defence and Space; Philippo Graziani (Italy), IAA Academician, Professor of the University of Rome, Chairman of IAA Board of Trustees; Alexander Degtyarev, General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO, Academician of NAS of Ukraine; Pavel Degtyarenko, Director of the State Space Agency of Ukraine; Alexander Ilyushchenko, Director of State Scientific Institution “Institute of Powder Metallurgy”, Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus; Alexander Kashanov, Yuzhnoye SDO Deputy General Designer for Research and Academic Activity; Mger Kuyumchan, Deputy Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council; Leonid Lobanov, Academician-Secretary of Division of Material Science Physical-Technical Problems of  NAS of Ukraine, Deputy Director of O.E. Paton Electric Welding Institute, Academician of NAS of Ukraine; Marat Nurguzhin, Vice Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry  of Republic Kazakhstan; Oleg Pilipenko, Director of the Institute of Technical Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine and SSAU, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine; Sergey Ryzhenko, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Deputy of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council, Chief Physician of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Hospital; Oleg Fyodorov, Director of the Institute of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine and SSAU, Corresponding Member of of NAS of Ukraine; Yaroslav Yatskiv, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Member of Presidium of NAS of Ukraine, Director of Main Astronomical Observatory.

When opening the Conference, Alexander Degtyarev, General Director of Yuhznoye SDO noted that the number of participants this year is higher than ever -573. These are the experts and scientists from 19 countries. 332 presentations are proposed for discussion.

When opening the Conference, Alexander Degtyarev, General Director of Yuhznoye SDO noted that the number of participants this year is higher than ever -573. These are the experts and scientists from 19 countries. 332 presentations are proposed for discussion.

– There were 287 participants at the first conference in 2007, their number grew two times already and this is a good sign, -Alexander Victorovich said.- The initiative of conducting a conference in Dnipro was due to Stanislav Nikolayevich Konyukhov and Michael Yarimovich, the then former IAA President. The idea was supported by President Stone, the then professor, and Jean-Michel Contant, the General Secretary. They took this “knapsack” and hang onto Yuzhnoye back. We carry this “knapsack” successfully and are very grateful. We consider that IAA is the place where we begin learning how to interact with external world, in the first turn in scientific and technical respect and also in business respect.

Pavel Degtyarenko, Director of State Space Agency of Ukraine noted the fact of the increase of number of scientific sessions of the Conference:
–“Moon Exploration and Moon Village Association” session became full-fledged. The idea of Moon exploration united different branches of the entire world. We understood that the space community of the planet is not so big. Almost all know everybody. Almost all exchange new ideas, new technologies.

Sergey Ryzhenko, Deputy of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council, Chief Physician of Dnepropetrovsk Mechnikov Regional Hospital welcomed the conference participants on behalf of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council:
– One can recite Yuzhnoye SDO’s achievements on and on. Today I will advert only to the help for Mechnikov hospital. Your specialists helped to equip the admission department at the highest level. The new technologies, reconstruction of the department allowed to receive the most serious wounded from the first days of battle action. By today, almost three thousands of them were saved. We, together with you became the main participant of this battle for life.

Oleg Ventskovsky, Director of Yuzhnoye SDO European Representative Office presented the report about cooperation between Yuzhnoye SDO and European Space Agency. Separately, Oleg Mechislavovich dwelled on the work in the frameworks of Moon Village Association:
– Only now the humankind returns to the Moon, at constant basis at that. I personally like how Tim Bridenstein, former NASA Chief said about this: stable return to the Moon means that you can at any time land on the surface, return and do this as many times as needed at any place and when needed. There are also the companies in MVA that are not directly related to space. They know that it will be required to build settlements on the Moon and they already propose concrete solutions. This diversity is one of our strong points.

Also, in the frameworks of the Conference, the meeting of the Board of “Space” Association of High Technology Companies of Ukraine took place where the members of the Board, the heads of regional representative offices, the members of Association’s Committees, the applicants for joining the Association, the Yuzhnoye employees who participated in fulfillment of 2019 plan of work of Association were present.

Alexander Osadchiy, Chairman of the Board of Association pointed out the importance and topicality of the work of Association at IAA conference that will help to attract the forces and energy of the companies of not only aerospace industry.

– We have to cooperate and move further. We must not obsess over internal problems. We must see the result of our work, including also economic result – Alexander Vladimirovich pointed out.
Oleg Ventskovsky, Head of Association’s Representative Office in Europe told about establishing the contacts with similar European organizations:
– Now we are working with three Associations: French, German, and Italian. With the French Association, we are preparing a small joint conference in the frameworks of Le Bourget Air Show. There, also a preliminary meeting with the German Association will be held. With the Italians, we have the most productive work. A joint Memorandum is being prepared.

– We would like very much that the work of our Association would be noticeable, — Oleg Fyodorov, Coordinator of the Association’s Committee of Space Policy and Law said. — We conducted the kick-off round table, collected the required documents. Next year, we are planning to conduct a space forum.

– The activity of the Association is very important, — Yaroslav Yatskiv, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Secretary of the Association’s Committee for Formation of Joint Projects pointed out. — We have to understand what we can do in Ukraine.

– The national idea may be wide-scale, for example, air launch, — Oleg Uruskiy, President of Aviation and Space Systems and Technologies stated. — The start must be only on a Ukrainian launcher, we have the experience. Our nation is capable of going into space with new technologies. We estimate the project at 400 mil. doll. This is considerably cheaper than the foreign projects. We are waiting for investments in this direction.

Anatoly Agarkov, Coordinator of the Association’s Committee for Scientific-Technical and Industrial Cooperation considers that the database of participants crated on the basis of questionaries is the main direction of activity. It would become a kind of the Association’s data library. Concurrently, it is necessary to conduct kick-off meetings. The first meeting is planned for June 6, its topic is intellectual property.

In conclusion of the meeting, three companies: Hartron Arcos Ltd. (Zaporizhzhia), Hartron-Ucom Ltd. (Zaporizhzhia), FED PJSC (Kharkiv) – the youngest company of the Association: the average age of its employees is only 27 years- were unanimously accepted to the Association.

The Yuzhnoye SDO guests on the opening day were the representatives of central and local mass media. An excursion around the company and a briefing were organized for them.


21/05/2019   Opening of the 7-th International Scientific Conference «Space Technologies: Present and Future»

21/05/2019   Beginning of the first day of the 7th International Scientific Conference