The first day of the conference begins, and organizers welcome representatives of head institutes of the National Academy of Sciences if Ukraine, higher education institutions, and space engineering companies from different countries, whose attendance at the event has become traditional. The participants will have interesting and fruitful discussions of new ideas and acute issues, as well as a chance to present their professional results. Moreover, the conference will be a powerful motivating source of a positive mood, giving a possibility to consider issues from a different angle, find optimum solutions, and meet like-minded people.

The conference will be held at Yuzhnoye SDO in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Meeting of the conference participants
on May 21-24, 2019, from 8:00 till 14:00,
nearby «Yuzhnaya» hotel
at the address: 174, Rabochaya Str.

The conference is dedicated to the 65-th anniversary of the foundation of Yuzhnoye State Design Office.


Mankind has entered into the age of globalization, with the aerospace industry becoming one of the priority areas in most countries of the world. Space technologies have made transition from being exclusive to being a part of our basic daily needs, so much so that we cannot imagine our everyday life without space communications, satellite navigation or satellite television.