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The Conference will be held in Yuzhnoye SDO. To access the conference venue, passport is to be presented by every guest. This requirement is MANDATORY.

A person, participating in the Conference, can be a contact author of only one paper and co-author of several other papers.

Working languages of the Conference are Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Abstracts shall be submitted in two languages (Russian and English or Ukrainian and English).

Requirements to the abstracts format:

  • participants of the Conference can publish their abstracts of not more than 1500 symbols in Russian or in Ukrainian and not more than 1500 symbols in English;
  • title of an abstract shall have not more than 200 symbols;
  • Abstracts shall be submitted without references, tables, figures and formulas.

Duration of presentation: 15 — 20 minutes. Speakers can use multimedia projector.

Abstract submission deadline is March 30, 2019.

All fields of this Registration Form shall be filled in the language of this Registration Form.

It is mandatory to fill in all the fields marked with *.

The confirmation of the participant’s registration will be sent on the e-mail, stated in the form.

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